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  ask 1

  Nothing touches the heart like a gift from a child, especially when kids are sending cards and letters overseas to soldiers. I know, because I once 1 about it.

  It all 2 when I got a call one morning from our local 3 asking if our son was deployed(部署) at the time. He wasnt, but I had several 4 who had deployed children. I

  5 along their contact information. About six months later, the school 6 one of my friends and told her the kindergarten classes wanted to

  7 Valentines Day (情人節) cards. She was 8 to give the teacher her sons deployment address. Her sons unit was deployed in a forward base, meaning they didnt have as many

  9 as those deployed in bigger bases. They were also 10 out of their shells and helmets because of the 11 in that location. That particular week had been cruel. Theyd 12 two hand?made bombs, and several of them had been wounded.

  Into that situation arrived a broken box from home. My friends son tried to 13 it carefully and some brightly colored envelopes tied with

  14 , came pouring out. His friends 15 around, because a box from home meant everyone got to 16 . They took turns opening the cards—one at a time—and read them out 17 . They passed around the candy, and everyone found at least one of their 18 . Instead of an evening of anxiety and fear, they were 19 home by the heartfelt Valentines Day greetings.

  I encourage you to take time to write a card, at any time, to someone far from home. You never know how your greeting may be used to

  20 someone they arent forgotten.

  1.A.heard B.cared C.wrote D.talked

  2.A.explained B.started C.said D.read

  3.A.factory B.government C.school D.hospital

  4.A.strangers B.colleagues C.relatives D.friends

  5.A.passed B.bring C.come D.go

  6.A.improved B.contacted C.trained D.warned

  7.A.pack B.sell C.send D.purchase

  8.A.ashamed B.astonished C.frightened D.excited

  9.A.comforts B.pleasures C.smiles D.prides

  10.A.merely B.rarely C.slightly D.generally

  11.A.pain B.fear C.danger D.trouble

  12.A.work out B.look into C.walk through D.run into

  13.A.open B.clear C.cut D.dry

  14.A.cake B.candy C.flowers D.books

  15.A.pushed B.turned C.gathered D.looked

  16.A.ignore B.tolerate C.associate D.share

  17.A.aloud B.fast C.politely D.formally

  18.A.orders B.favorites C.tastes D.designs

  19.A.removed B.delivered C.transported D.transformed

  20.A.persuade B.warn C.inform D.remind

  Task 2

  I went for a walk with a couple of friends. We passed a playground that 1 me of a memory of long ago. It was a big playground,

  2 by tall iron fencing. Shorter fences 3 the various play areas.

  Years ago, Id 4 to put baby John in a cradle, and my husband watched Elizabeth, who was about three. After a while I noticed a crowd of 5 near one of the fences, talking aloud. I took the 6 out of his cradle and drew near. I saw my daughter was 7 with her head on one side and her body on the other side of a short fence. The adults were 8 her to turn her head one way or another to get it back through. No matter what she did, her head didnt 9 . She was stuck. Someone was about to call for

  10 .

  Perhaps it was because I came upon the scene with a pair of fresh eyes that I asked, 11 ,

  “Elizabeth, did you put your head through the

  12 , or your body?”

  “My 13 !” she answered.

  “Ah! Then 14 your body back through!”I told her. She did, and the 15 was solved. As it turns out, there are two ways your head can end up on the 16 side of the fence from your body: because you put your head through, or because you put the rest of yourself through and your head couldnt 17 .

  There are many times in life when we feel trapped, but can 18 solve them if only we look at them differently. See a problem from a

  19 way, youll find another 20 to help you figure a way out.

  1.A.reminded B.informed C.convinced D.warned

  2.A.gathered B.supported C.surrounded D.covered

  3.A.formed B.separated C.crossed D.reunited

  4.A.slowed down B.turned up C.headed off D.hung out

  5.A.adults B.children C.friends D.teachers

  6.A.baby B.daughter C.dog D.cat

  7.A.filled B.trapped C.armed D.supplied

  8.A.persuading B.enabling C.forcing D.urging

  9.A.move B.shake C.fit D.think

  10.A.advice B.comfort C.guidance D.help

  11.A.surprised B.puzzled C.annoyed D.interested

  12.A.playground B.yard C.area D.fence

  13.A.body B.head C.arm D.leg

  14.A.bend B.slide C.knock D.hit

  15.A.trick B.matter C.problem D.barrier

  16.A.dark B.close C.same D.opposite

  17.A.miss B.refuse C.follow D.observe

  18.A.gradually B.eventually C.hurriedly D.easily

  19.A.different B.similar C.normal D.careful

  20.A.attitude B.approach C.shape D.message

  Task 3

  You can always rely on the love and support of your family on your journey to develop your true potential. But few families better 1 this than the beloved China womens volleyball team coach Lang Ping and her daughter.

  Over half of young Chinese people have

  2 their parents from their social media networks. They are 3 hiding their lives and dreams away from family members. They are afraid that their parents will not be able to accept their new lifestyles and 4 and sometimes misunderstand their 5 . In doing so, they

  6 to see how many efforts parents can 7 to catch up. In fact, an honest 8 , in the end, settles the conflict and 9 trust between them. But at the same time, nearly 80 percent of parents said they were 10 to fully support their childrens life pursuits.

  This revealed(揭露) the 11 and miscommunication between the young Chinese people and their parents. Maybe now is the time for us to ask: shouldnt we start 12 our parents back into our lives, and show them our 13 ?

  Lang Ping and her daughter are 14 examples. Lang Ping will never forget how her daughter 15 her during the Rio Olympics. “At one point, our team had 16 two games, and I was under a lot of stress. My daughter

  17 found a way to get herself into the Olympic Village where she made me scrambled eggs (炒雞蛋) with tomato, my favorite Chinese dish, to 18 me up.” After that meal, Lang Ping 19 her team to fight its way back to win the championship, 20 China its first gold medal in 12 years.

  1.A.follow B.show C.admire D.notice

  2.A.blocked B.protected C.freed D.saved

  3.A.naturally B.hopefully C.impatiently D.increasingly

  4.A.ideas B.memories C.ambitions D.attitudes

  5.A.lifestyles B.customs C.attractions D.habits

  6.A.happen B.fail C.agree D.decide

  7.A.require B.continue C.make D.spare

  8.A.quarrel B.bargain C.discussion D.conversation

  9.A.gives off B.comes up C.contributes to D.turns out

  10.A.equal B.willing C.able D.nervous

  11.A.misunderstanding B.misfortune C.mistake D.misuse

  12.A.forcing B.returning C.inviting D.driving

  13.A.devotion B.appreciation C.observation D.evaluation

  14.A.perfect B.common C.simple D.different

  15.A.surrounded B.refused C.disturbed D.supported

  16.A.joined B.gained C.lost D.played

  17.A.sometime B.somewhere C.somewhat D.somehow

  18.A.shut B.turn C.lit D.cheer

  19.A.led B.trained C.allowed D.pushed

  20.A.donating B.earning C.awarding D.designing

  Task 4

  A police officer has posed as a mentally ill womans dead son for five years. He has to do so to protect her from the painful 1 .

  Xia lost his son Liang Yu due to a serious

  2 . His wife, Liang Qiaoying, was also left

  3 damaged by the accident. Over time, his wife remained 4 anxious to see her son,

  5 he was dead. To hide the truth, Xia

  6 that Liang Yu was working in another province and could not come home.

  Seven years later, Xia saw Jiang Jingwei, 36, who closely 7 Liang Yu, talking about police work on a Shanghai TV station.“Xia believed that if he could find me, he might be able to 8 his white lie to his wife,” Jiang said after 9 their situation.“I didnt know them at all, but their story 10 the strength and courage in my heart to get to know them. His love and persistence (坚持不懈)was so 11 that I saw no reason not to play my part. It was an incredible moment in my life when I decided to

  12 the role of their lost son.”

  Jiang was 13 before meeting Xia and Liang Qiaoying. But his concerns 14 shortly after Xia burst into 15 upon seeing him and hugged him. “I was so touched and sure then I was the right person to help the family,” the police officer said, “Now, everything is going well and were a 16 . My parents, wife and colleagues are also 17 . I send warm clothing every 18 , and during holidays, I send food and other 19 .”

  Liang Qiaoying has got much better since she first saw Jiang, and she keeps his 20 on the bedside table so that she can see him often.

  1.A.experience B.truth C.purpose D.memory

  2.A.accident B.operation C.headache D.problem

  3.A.eye B.brain C.stomach D.leg

  4.A.deeply B.closely C.tightly D.directly

  5.A.uncertain B.unafraid C.unaware D.unsure

  6.A.insisted B.agreed C.admitted D.lied

  7.A.represented B.recalled C.resembled D.liked

  8.A.end B.begin C.change D.continue

  9.A.making up B.learning of C.dealing with D.taking over

  10.A.showed B.found C.inspired D.gathered

  11.A.touching B.exciting C.tiring D.surprising

  12.A.perform B.act C.study D.play

  13.A.calm B.nervous C.proud D.curious

  14.A.formed B.returned C.mattered D.disappeared

  15.A.laughter B.flame C.tears D.cheers

  16.A.family B.team C.group D.school

  17.A.supportive B.sensitive C.attractive D.protective

  18.A.summer B.winter C.holiday D.month

  19.A.contributions B.responsibilities C.necessities D.invitations

  20.A.painting B.address C.show D.photo

  Task 5

  I still remember the day our baby son was born. He was so perfect and infinitely (無限地)

  1 . But the thing I 2 most is that instant when his tiny hand curled (繚绕) around my finger so 3 . My heart was truly his from that instant on.

  The feel of his tiny hand in my fingers, imprinted on my 4 from the time when we walked here and there, 5 at the park, ran by the sea.

  As he grew, I still have photo 6 of my little boys hands working to grasp a pencil, hold a fishing pole and 7 just the right angle to

  skip (跳) a rock. Then there were his 8

  hands surrounding the wheel of his first car as he learned to 9 .

  When he grew Closer to adulthood, I can see his hands 10 those of his girlfriend, soon to be a husband. No 11 would he rush to put his hand in mine, but there were moments when hed reach out. 12 as my sons hands changed, they stayed the same.

  Then came the day when he was 13 , to be a soldier and off to war. I 14 him that day as he showed his brothers how 15 he was with his gun. His fingers moved with a mans confidence as he explained the 16 parts of the gun.

  17 he came home, those hands were older, beginning to show the wear of a life lived in service 18 his country. But still they reached out for me, now 19 a mother who had missed him so much. I took that comfort with joy, but in those hands I still saw the shadow imprint of those tiny hands that 20 my heart so many years ago.

  No matter where we are, we are always our motherlands precious children.

  1.A.kind B.precious C.naughty D.gentle

  2.A.remember B.realize C.believe D.understand

  3.A.quickly B.tightly C.anxiously D.hopefully

  4.A.face B.look C.heart D.finger

  5.A.played B.lived C.discussed D.studied

  6.A.experiments B.incidents C.details D.memories

  7.A.marking B.covering C.finding D.designing

  8.A.baby B.child C.adult D.teenage

  9.A.walk B.drive C.ride D.march

  10.A.holding B.shaking C.raising D.washing

  11.A.way B.problem C.longer D.time

  12.A.Such B.So C.Just D.Even

  13.A.born B.grown C.gone D.aged

  14.A.cried B.guided C.witnessed D.watched

  15.A.expert B.bored C.busy D.disappointed

  16.A.similar B.unusual C.different D.strange

  17.A.When B.Before C.Unless D.Once

  18.A.in B.to C.from D.for

  19.A.employing B.valuing C.comforting D.encouraging

  20.A.broke B.touched C.changed D.stole

  Task 6

  Thanks to generous strangers, Justin Korva who walked to and from work every day now has a new ride.

  On June 21, Andy Mitchell 1 Justin Korva, 20, walking and decided to give him

  a(n) 2 to his job. During the trip, Mitchell

  learned that Korva 3 the route everyday in the heat as he 4 up for a car. Mitchell posted a picture of the two of them on social media,

  5 Korvas story.

  “I usually dont 6 pictures online like that. For whatever reason, I just felt it 7 to do it. “The situation of this young man 8 me,” Mitchell said, “To have the ability to get to and from 9 is a huge thing.”

  He said a 10 who saw the post said, “Lets get this him a car !” The fundraising (筹款) effort to get Korva a car 11 . Through a donation box, they began to 12 collect funds and in a local restaurant they 13 the box. Within 30 hours, the group had 14 $5,500. “We had a lot of people that 15 ,” Mitchell said, “There are too many names to 16 really.”

  The money not only purchased a car for Korva, 17 also a $500 gas card, two years of free oil changes and one year of car insurance. Mitchells wife caught the 18 Friday as the group surprised Korva at his job with the car as well as cheers and hugs.

  Mitchell today encourags others to follow the groups 19 . “It doesnt have to be a car. It can just be any small thing that you want to do to help somebody on the side. You never know how its going to 20 their life”, he said.

  1.A.spied on B.came across C.played with D.came over

  2.A.ride B.solution C.key D.answer

  3.A.drove B.rode C.flew D.walked

  4.A.gave B.made C.saved D.turned

  5.A.sharing B.containing C.delivering D.supplying

  6.A.receive B.post C.show D.draw

  7.A.familiar B.handy C.necessary D.admirable

  8.A.shocked B.amused C.honored D.inspired

  9.A.school B.company C.work D.shop

  10.A.boss B.friend C.leader D.relative

  11.A.began B.succeeded C.ended D.failed

  12.A.directly B.originally C.secretly D.actually

  13.A.forgot B.left C.rebuilt D.masked

  14.A.raised B.earned C.spent D.rose

  15.A.devoted B.connected C.reacted D.donated

  16.A.check B.report C.count D.cover

  17.A.or B.so C.and D.but

  18.A.card B.insurance C.car D.moment

  19.A.lead B.advice C.rule D.order

  20.A.risk B.change C.enjoy D.adjust

  Task 7

  Four?year?old Sophia completely stole the show (抢了风头) at her kindergarten graduation. Her lively 1 is completely splendid, 2 by jazz and hippie dance. It has already 3 up to 11 million views online.

  “She has a huge, huge personality”, Soph

  ias mom, Michelle Neshin, said of her 4 daughter, “Shes usually full of 5 but that was something else even for her. And right before the graduation when it was just about time to

  6 , she said, ‘I dont want to do it. Im so

  7 . Theres so many people. On the way to school she was super excited but when she 8 up to get her diploma (文憑) she was 9 . But she quickly 10 that.”

  “I had never seen them because they were

  a(n) 11 for the parents”, Neshin said of

  the performances. “At the 12 , the lady came on stage and said, ‘The kids would like to come out to say goodbye and thank everyone.And

  13 everyone else was sweet and calm, Sophia, on the other 14 , was not, ” her mother said with a laugh about her daughters over?the?top emotion during the performance.

  “It didnt really hit me until after the graduation when all the parents went to the stage,

  15 their kids and gave them 16 and people came up to saying me, ‘Is it awful (糟糕的)?I 17 videotaping my own kid to video yours.”

  Little Sophia loved her time in the spotlight and said her favorite part of the 18 was when she was singing and dancing because it made her happy. 19 to say, thats now the favorite part online. The family also 20 their energetic daughter with flowers and a trip to get delicious food for dinner.

  1.A.guidance B.performance C.experience D.independence

  2.A.accompained B.compared C.pleased D.confused

  3.A.looked B.added C.made D.went

  4.A.friendly B.silly C.lovely D.lonely

  5.A.energy B.knowledge C.noise D.kindness

  6.A.perform B.speak C.graduate D.leave

  7.A.proud B.rude C.frightened D.upset

  8.A.brought B.called C.gave D.lined

  9.A.in reality B.in tears C.in theory D.in time

  10.A.got over B.fell over C.left out D.gave out

  11.A.change B.emergency C.surprise D.success

  12.A.beginning B.middle C.half D.end

  13.A.because B.although C.unless D.once

  14.A.way B.day C.side D.hand

  15.A.found B.touched C.encouraged D.satisfied

  16.A.videos B.trips C.flowers D.smiles

  17.A.stopped B.finished C.enjoyed D.understood

  18.A.kindergarten B.graduation C.diploma D.act

  19.A.Hopeless B.Helpless C.Needless D.Harmless

  20.A.tolerated B.equipped C.met D.congratulated

  Task 8

  I have been a sleepwalker since I was little. A friend I once 1 a bedroom with described how I got up in the night and went for a(n)

  2 , talking to myself. I know nothing of what happened 3 I am told about it the next morning.

  We lived in a house with a very steep flight of stairs 4 up from the front door to a landing outside the bedroom. Across the landing from the bedroom was the bathroom. Perhaps Id walked to the 5 in my sleep, without expectation that I would 6 over on the way out.

  Carl, my husband, 7 I wasnt beside him. As he reached the top of the 8 , our friend Kate, who was also staying that night, came out from my daughters room. When Carl saw my still body at the foot of the stairs, his first thought was to 9 down to move me. My knees were drawn up into my chest, my face was

  10 and more blood had pooled under me. But Kate, a nurse, 11 Carl not to touch me, checked if I was still 12 and called 911. Both my 13 were broken at an impossible angle. It appears Id 14 out my arms as I fell and my hands had taken the full 15 of the fall. That 16 my broken eyes, cheekbones, jaw (下巴) and nose, as well as all the blood.

  What a lucky 17 Id had. Three and a half years later, I recovered 18 . Even though I am very afraid of stairs, I realize that what happened to me was a total 19 . I still

  20 overnight in other peoples houses and Ive not stopped going on holiday.

  1.A.enjoyed B.shared C.set D.reserved

  2.A.wander B.walk C.ride D.explore

  3.A.unless B.when C.until D.after

  4.A.showing B.giving C.making D.leading

  5.A.toilet B.bottom C.bedroom D.door

  6.A.bend B.fall C.look D.hand

  7.A.remembered B.understood C.witnessed D.realized

  8.A.flights B.beds C.stairs D.rooms

  9.A.rush B.step C.struggle D.carry

  10.A.dirty B.bloody C.dusty D.rainy

  11.A.arranged B.advised C.reminded D.warned

  12.A.coughing B.sighing C.breathing D.smiling

  13.A.wrists B.legs C.ears D.eyes

  14.A.put B.thrown C.burst D.handed

  15.A.defense B.balance C.force D.harm

  16.A.mixed up B.belonged to C.gave out D.resulted in

  17.A.escape B.adventure C.incidence D.disappearance

  18.A.appropriately B.peacefully C.completely D.officially

  19.A.embarrassment B.accident C.purpose D.experience

  20.A.survive B.advance C.live D.stay

  Task 9

  I was in a wheelchair and had no speech. But there were never any questions raised about my 1 to join in activities, and I have fond, fun 2 of those days. I started school aged four, 3 I attended a special school.

  I enjoyed having fun with my 4 teacher who made lessons engaging and entertaining. That first year 5 the foundations of friendship and 6 my confidence. But when my classmates started Grade three, my brain was slowly

  7 down because teachers talked to us like we were deaf babies. This “education” continued, shutting off my ability to 8 . Outwardly (外表上), I looked pretty 9 ; inwardly, I was amusing myself, lost in my own thoughts. But I had no way to 10 . My mother took me out of special school to be taught to read and write.

  I had used an eye to gaze (凝視) computer method before. It was 11 because the computer couldnt 12 my eyes very well, but my mother could. Looking at letters, words or numbers on a spelling board, I sat 13 my mother, who watched my eyes and pointed to the square I was looking at. 14 was slow at first and when it was the third week I was getting bored. 15 , my mother was given advice to make the lessons more 16 .

  September brought a renewed pace. By February I was able to use the spelling 17 for all my communication. By Grade five, I had

  18 up with my classmates and joined my local full?time primary school.

  Being able to communicate has changed my life. I can now hold 19 with family and friends.

  Never 20 a book by its cover; never treat a child like me and assume we are not worth teaching.

  1.A.figure B.energy C.system D.ability

  2.A.behaviors B.memories C.experiments D.achievements

  3.A.because B.when C.although D.unless

  4.A.attractive B.hard C.average D.lovely

  5.A.laid B.gained C.acted D.contained

  6.A.rebuilt B.won C.expressed D.improved

  7.A.breaking B.putting C.shutting D.turning

  8.A.defend B.reason C.work D.select

  9.A.foolish B.rude C.patient D.splendid

  10.A.understand B.communicate C.concentrate D.balance

  11.A.confusing B.embarrassing C.upsetting D.inspiring

  12.A.see B.watch C.handle D.read

  13.A.opposite B.beside C.beyond D.near

  14.A.Scene B.Progress C.Recovery D.Approval

  15.A.Properly B.Clearly C.Thankfully D.Slightly

  16.A.surprising B.interesting C.exciting D.challenging

  17.A.board B.book C.computer D.curtain

  18.A.kept B.caught C.come D.put

  19.A.celebrations B.explanations C.conversations D.graduations

  20.A.judge B.write C.recognize D.accept

  Task 10

  Matthew Hohn, 18, thought he was nearing the end of a simple graduation practice Thursday afternoon when the headmaster at his high school called out his name. As Matthew Hohn got up to walk to the 1 , he saw his older brother, Bradley Hohn, a US Army specialist based in

  2 flew more than 20 hours to 3 his brother and watch him graduate from high school.

  Matthew Hohn, who will graduate today from

  high school, 4 to his brother quickly and gave him a warm hug. He really didnt 5 it at all. He was shocked to see his brother at the

  6 in his high schools dinning?room because of a text he had received just hours earlier.

  Bradley Hohns face was alive with excitement, eyes wide. “ 7 , I wasnt really expecting that 8 . Upon waking up on Wednesday, I 9 him that I was going to Poland,” Bradley Hohn, 22, said, “He didnt reply so I 10 he was sad.”

  Matthew said he was 11 to hear that his brother would officially not be there to see him

  12 .

  The planning for the surprise visit started in March when Bradley Hohns leave was 13 . But Bradley Hohn 14 his flight in Germany on Wednesday due to traffic on the way to 15 .

  They paid $1,700 to buy new tickets 16 the secret trip could continue. “I wasnt going to let that 17 me from seeing my little brother graduate high school,” he said.

  Nearly 20 family members will be on hand today to 18 on Matthew Hohn as he graduates. He is joining the Army. Matthew Hohn is scheduled to 19 to basic training in Georgia and Bradley Hohn will move to Colorado.

  “This was the best graduation 20 I could

  ever ask for,” Matthew Hohn said.

  1.A.member B.brother C.schoolmate D.headmaster

  2.A.Poland B.Germany C.Colorado D.Georgia

  3.A.inspire B.inform C.surprise D.frighten

  4.A.rushed B.bent C.walked D.stepped

  5.A.prepare B.doubt C.experience D.expect

  6.A.speech B.practice C.ceremony D.emergency

  7.A.Physically B.Recently C.Honestly D.Patiently

  8.A.response B.movement C.behavior D.event

  9.A.texted B.phoned C.told D.defended

  10.A.meant B.assumed C.felt D.believed

  11.A.angry B.tired C.sad D.rude

  12.A.explain B.practise C.perform D.graduate

  13.A.approved B.selected C.limited D.handled

  14.A.booked B.changed C.missed D.caught

  15.A.station B.airport C.army D.college

  16.A.before B.when C.and D.so

  17.A.stop B.protect C.save D.forbid

  18.A.count B.cheer C.look D.focus

  19.A.agree B.contribute C.report D.turn

  20.A.reward B.prize C.lesson D.present