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  Liu Lin, a student at Chengdu University, made a big 1

  (decide) this August. She decided 2 (take)her 93-year-old grandmother from their hometown and live with her in a rented room just off campus(校园). The room 3 two beds, a wardrobe(衣柜), a desk and a table is their new home in Chengdu, which costs 600 RMB per month. Liu’s younger brother works in the same city and spends most of his 2,000 RMB salary

  4 (support) the family.

  Liu’s family suffered a lot in 2016. In March, her grandmother broke her leg; in April, her father passed away, and then her mother lost the 5 (able) to take care of others. Liu’s grandmother has lost all her three sons, and Liu couldn’t leave her alone 6 nobody could look after her.“I

  7 (bring)up by my grandma, and now it’s 8 (I)turn to take care of her,”said Liu.

  In the eyes of Liu’s teachers, the girl is 9 excellent student. Although taking care of her grandmother requires lots of energy, Liu has managed to stay on top of all her 10


  (廣东省湛江市雷州八中 郑会雪)


  I had stopped at a gas station the other day to fill up. I noticed a woman with two children 1 (stand)outside her car. She seemed to be upset 2 her phone and appeared tearful. After I filled my tank, I walked by and asked

  3 everything was ok. She explained to me that her car battery died and the kids’ father didn’t get off work for another two 4 (hour). I could have just expressed some

  5 (sympathetic) and walked away, but instead I mentioned that I had jumper cables(充电电线)and could give them 6 start. I drove up next 7 her and connected the cables. While waiting for the charge, I gave her and the kids some drinks. 20 minutes later, I had her car

  8 (start)and the young lady was in tears. She told me that since moving here, no one 9 (show) her the kindness that she’d received today. I told her I was happy to help and she wanted to get my number to repay me. I told her the

  10 (good)thing she could do was pay it forward. The kids gave me a big “Thank you” and they were on their way.

  (广东汕头市金砂中学 纪乐佳)


  I moved to Sichuan shortly after the earthquake in 2008 and was immediately impressed by the beauty of the place. Our company was involved in (参与) several aspects of the earthquake

  1 (recover), including having many employees

  2 (volunteer) to deliver emergency supplies to the influenced areas, 3 (sponsor) the Hope school, and helping rebuild a community center in Guangji.

  The team here is very impressive—one of the 4 (good)I have had the pleasure to work with. Life in Chengdu outside of work has been a great pleasure, as well. The beautiful scenery in such places 5 Gongga Mountains, Kangding county and Jiuzhaigou, is nothing short of deep impression. 6 Chengdu is facing the same challenges as all big cities in China with traffic and pollution, it is handling them better than most with a balance of growth and greenery as well as business and lifestyle. The rivers flowing through Chengdu 7 (be)some of the best preserved in China, though being the capital of a province 8 (name) “Four Rivers”may provide some reasons 9 that.

  Living in Chengdu is one of the great 10 (experience) in my life, and I feel both grateful and proud to be part of the business and social communities.

  (福建省漳州市實验中学 张明辉)


  “Blue skinny mushroom”became 1 Internet phenomenon in China almost overnight. It is however not about mushroom. The“蓝瘦香菇” 2 (pronounce)very similar to “feel bad, want to cry(难受,想哭)”in a local dialect from Nanning, a city 3 southern China. This all originates to a local young man 4 uploaded a video clip online 5 (express) his sad feelings on a bad date he had 6 (early) that day. He 7 (repeat)murmured how bad he felt at the moment and wanted to cry. And he continued to ask why. But to the opposite, you just can’t stop 8 (laugh)after watching it because it does sound like he kept saying “blue skinny mushroom”.

  The funny 9 (compare) in the clip inspires Chinese netizens’ 10 (creative ) into a memes wave. It is even printed on the New Zealand’s 50 dollar note. Blue mushroom stamp issue one of a series of six New Zealand fungi(菌类) 2002.

  (湖北武汉高中 袁潇霞)


  China’s government has ordered that all Chinese history textbooks 1 (write) to extend the second Sino-Japanese war by six years, a move likely to inflame(加剧) relations with Japan.

  2 conflict, which has been known for generations in China 3 the“eight-year war of resistance against Japanese aggression(侵略)”, is usually recorded as starting in 1937 and ending in 1945. 4 , in a statement on Wednesday, President Xi Jinping’s government renamed the conflict the“14-year war of resistance against Japanese aggression” and has ordered that textbooks be revised 5

  (record) it as lasting from 1931 to1945.

  The decision means China 6 (official) considers that the second Sino-Japanese war started in autumn of 1931,

  7 the Imperial(帝国) Japanese army invaded(侵略) Manchuria(满洲), rather than six years 8 during the Marco Polo Bridge incident, when Japanese and Chinese troops 9 (fight) along a rail line south-west of Beijing. This event has traditionally been considered by historians everywhere as the start of full-scale (全面的) conflict between the two 10 (country).

  (广东省清远市第三中学 陈洁莹)


  A greedy dog went into a butcher’s shop and 1 (steal)a big juicy bone. He ran away 2 fast that the butcher could not catch him. He ran out into the fields with 3

  (he)bone and was going to eat it all by himself.

  The dog came to a stream. There was a narrow bridge across it. 4 (attract)by the beautiful scenery, the dog walked to the bridge, and looked into the water. He could see another dog with a big bone in his mouth. The greedy dog thought that the bone in the water looked much 5 (big)than the one he had stolen 6 the butcher, so he dropped the bone in his mouth. It fell into the water and was lost. The greedy dog jumped into the water with a big splash(濺着的水花) 7

  (grab)the bone from the other dog. He looked everywhere 8

  (anxious)but he could not see the other dog. His shadow had gone.

  The silly dog went home 9 (hunger). He lost his bone and got nothing 10 he had been too greedy.

  (广东省佛山市南海执信中学 雷 霜)



  1. decision 在谓语动词made后作宾语,要用名词,make a decision意为“做出决定”。

  2. to take 因decide to do sth.(决定做某事)是固定搭配。

  3. with 表示“带有,具有”,介词短语作定语,修饰the room。

  4. supporting 因spend... (in) doing sth.是固定搭配。

  5. ability 需要用名词形式作谓语动词lost的宾语。

  6. where 句意是 “刘不能把她单独留在没有人能照顾她的地方”,指“在……的地方”用where引导地点状语从句。

  7. was brought 主语I与谓语bring up之间是被动关系,且发生在过去,故用一般过去时的被动语态。

  8. my 修饰名词turn用形容词性物主代词。It’s one’s turn to do sth.意为“轮到某人做某事了”。

  9. an 因student为可数名词单数形式,前面需要限定词来修饰,表示“一位”,用不定冠词。

  10. courses 因all修饰course,指的是“所有课程”,应用复数形式。


  1. standing 由notice sb. doing sth.(注意到某人正在做某事)可知,用现在分词作宾补。

  2. on 表示“在通话”英语里习惯上说on the phone。

  3. if/whether 引导宾语从句,表示“是否”,用if或whether。

  4. hours 空格前有two, 两个小时,故用复数hours。

  5. sympathy 作express的宾语,用名词,故填sympathy。

  6. a 因start作“启动,开始”解,是可数名词,表示“启动汽车”,用give sb. a start。

  7. to 因next to(紧靠……旁边)是固定搭配。

  8. started 句意为作者帮女士启动了汽车,也就是汽车被启动,故用have sth. done(使某物被……)结构,填过去分词started。

  9. had shown 因show的动作发生在told之前,即“过去的过去”,用过去完成时。


  1. recovery 作of的宾语用名词,其前面的earthquake是名词作定语。

  2. volunteer 由have sb. do sth.可知,用省略to的不定式,即动词原形作宾补。

  3. sponsoring 因having, sponsoring和helping是并列关系,都用动名词形式,一起作including的宾语。

  4. best 在one of the ... 后跟一个完成式的定语从句来表示范围,一定是用最高级。

  5. as 因such...as...是固定搭配,由后面并列的地名也可知在列举。

  6. While/Although/Though因Chengdu is facing ... 和it is handling ... 兩句之间没有连词,一定是填连词;由两句之间的逻辑关系可知,填表示“虽然”的Although, Though或While。

  7. are 因主语是the rivers是复数,又是一般现在时,故填are。

  8. named 过去分词短语做后置定语。

  9. for 表示“……的原因”,后习惯上用介词for。

  10. experiences 由one of the...可知,其后的名词要用复数。


  1. an 表示“一种”现象,用不定冠词。

  2. is pronounced 被动语态,“蓝瘦香菇”被发音成。

  3. in 表示“在”中国南方,用介词in。

  4. who/that 引导定语从句并在从句中作主语,先行词为a local young man。

  5. to express 动词不定式作目的状语。

  6. earlier 副词比较级。句意是:这一切都源自于一个当地的年轻人上传了一段视频在网络上来表达他当天(早于那一天)悲伤的心情。早于那一天故用比较级。

  7. repeatedly 因murmured为谓语动词,修饰谓语动词应当用副词。

  8. laughing 因can’t stop doing sth. (忍不住做某事)是固定搭配。

  9. comparison 作主语用名词。句意为:视频剪辑里搞笑的(语言)对照(comparison)激发了中国网民……

  10. creativity 在名词所有格后面用名词。creativity表示“创造力”。


  1.(should) be written 因textbooks与write是被动关系,要用被动语态;又因主句谓语为ordered(命令),其后的宾语从句需使用虚拟语气,故填(should)be written。

  2. The 特指中日战争。

  3. as 表示“作为”,be known as表示“作为……而著名”。

  4. However 因前面提到的“八年”与后文改为“十四年”是转折关系,空格前后有标点,用表转折的副词however。

  5. to record 作目的状语用动词不定式。

  6. officially 修饰动词considers作状语,用副词,表示“正式地”。

  7. when 引导非限制性定语从句并在从句中作时间状语,用关系副词when。

  8. later 指“六年后”的1937年。本题仿2015年全国I卷第62题a few years before /earlier。

  9. fought 指1937年,用一般过去时。

  10. countries 指两个国家,用复数。


  1. stole 本句描述的是过去发生的事情,故用一般过去时,stole与went构成并列谓语。

  2. so 表示“如此……以至于”用so ... that。

  3. his 修饰名词bone,用形容词性物主代词。

  4. Attracted 因为attract与主语the dog之间为被动关系,故用过去分词作状语。

  5. bigger 由than可知,空格处应填形容词比较级。

  6. from 空格表示“从”屠夫那偷来的骨头,故填from。

  7. to grab 句意:为了抢到到另外一只狗的骨头,贪心的狗跳下了水,溅起大大的水花。动词不定式在此句中充当目的状语。

  8. anxiously 动词looked应用副词修饰,故填anxiously。

  9. hungry 形容词作主语补足语,表示狗饥饿的状态。

  10. because 句意:因为他太贪心了,他弄丢了骨头,什么也没得到。两分句之间为因果关系,故填because。

  责任编辑 蒋小青