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  阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。


  It was already late when we started for the next town, which according to the map was about fifteen miles away on the other side of the hill. There we were sure that we 1 (find)a bed for the night. Soon darkness fell after we left the village, but luckily we met no one as we drove fast along the narrow road 2 led to the hill. As our car climbed higher, it became 3 (cold)and the rain began to fall, making 4 difficult for us to see the road.

  After we had travelled 5 about two hours, there was still no sign of the town which was 6 (poor)marked on the map, we were beginning to get anxious. Then, the car suddenly stopped. A quick examination showed that we had run out of the gas. 7 we had little food with us, we decided to spend the night in the car.

  With our meals 8 (finish), I tried to go to sleep at once, but John, who was a poor sleeper, got out of the car after a few 9 (minute) and went for a walk up the hill. Soon he found, in the valley bellow, the lights of the town we were looking for. We at once pushed the car to the top of the hill. In less than a quarter of 10 hour, we were in the town.


  Once upon a time, there was a far-away village. The villagers, most of 1 were farmers, sowed(播種)in spring and harvested in autumn, beginning to work at sunrise and returning home at sunset. They had to struggle to support their 2 (family). Even in good harvest years, they could only have enough food to eat and enough clothes to wear.

  Among 3 (they)there was a young farmer who was eager 4 (improve)his life, but he was too lazy and often

  5 (dream)of gaining something without working hard.

  A miracle(奇迹)took place at last. One day in late autumn, when he was working in his field, two groups of people were hunting nearby. The hares were so 6 (frighten) that they were running everywhere. Suddenly, 7 blind hare hit the stump(树桩)of a tree in his field and died.

  From that day on, he no longer went in for farming again. From morning till night, he stayed by that amazing stump, 8

  (wait)for miracles to fall on him again. However, no hare came any more. Much to his 9 (sad), his field was covered

  10 weed and his crops died. The purpose of the story aims to tell us the saying,“No pains, no gains”.


  One day after school, we went home together, chatting and laughing 1 (merry). Behind us there was an old lady who was walking slowly, seemingly absent-minded. All of 2 sudden, a car which was running on the opposite side was out of control and bumped into us. We were lucky enough to avoid being hit. Unfortunately, the old lady 3 (knock)down and lay on the ground. Seeing what had happened, we ran towards her as soon as possible and found her 4 (bleed) badly. Immediately we sent for an ambulance and it was not long 5 it arrived and took the injured lady together with us to the nearby hospital for 6 (treat). As soon as we got there, the doctors started to operate 7 the old lady in no time and meanwhile we waited anxiously outside, wondering 8 everything was going smoothly with her. Around two hours later, the old lady came to 9 (she)gradually. She smiled at us to show her deep 10 (thank)to us. Tired and hungry as we were, we felt pleased and relaxed for we had done a good deed.


  I was born and raised in the countryside. To provide me with a better education, two months ago my parents sent me to Guangzhou city, 1 is far away from my hometown. In the beginning, I was lonely and homesick. From time to time, I would miss my family so much that I had difficulty 2 (sleep)at night.

  It was my 3 (eighteen) birthday last Friday. Without my parents staying together 4 me, I thought I had to spend my birthday on my own. When I came into the classroom that day, I found nobody in. 5 (sudden), all my classmates crowded in and surrounded me. Then I was taken to a room decorated with colorful balloons. Also, they 6 (prepare)a cake one day earlier. They divided 7 cake into several pieces and sang birthday songs for me. Deeply 8 (move), I was all in tears, holding their 9 (hand)tightly without saying anything. How joyful, enjoyable and unforgettable it was!It was 10

  (they)consideration that drove away my loneliness and homesickness.



  1. would find 考查谓语动词的时态。过去将来时。

  2. which / that 考查定语从句的关系词。引导定语从句,并在从句中作主语,先行词是the narrow road,故填which / that。

  3. colder 考查比较等级。由语境和常识可知,爬山上得越高温度越低,也就是更冷(colder)。

  4. it 考查形式宾语。作形式宾语用it,真正的宾语是后面的不定式。

  5. for 考查介词。表示某动作或状态持续多久,用介词“for+时间段”。

  6. poorly 考查副词的用法。 修饰动词marked,用副词,表示城镇在地图上标记得很“模糊”。

  7. Although /Though 考查状语从句连词。意思是“虽然没有什么食物了,但还是决定在車上过夜”。

  8. finished 考查非谓语动词。此处是with的复合结构,meal与动作finish存在被动关系,且表示完成,故用finished。

  9. minutes 考查名词复数。a few(一些)后接名词的复数形式。

  10. an 考查冠词。表示“一个小时”用an hour。


  1. whom 考查定语从句。先行词是villagers,指人,而所填词在介词of的后面,故填关系代词whom。

  2. families 考查名词复数。这里指这个村里的村民的家庭,不止一个家庭,应用复数形式,故填families。

  3. them考查人称代词。作介词among的宾语,用宾格。

  4. to improve 考查非谓语动词。因be eager to do sth.(急于做某事)是固定搭配,故填to improve。

  5. dreamed/dreamt考查谓语动词的时态。结合全文及本句中的was,可知此处要用一般过去式。

  6. frightened考查词类转换。作表语要用形容词,表示“感到害怕的”,要用frightened,顺便提提,frightening意为“令人害怕的”。

  7. a考查冠词。表示泛指,意为“有一只”,故填不定冠词。

  8. waiting考查非谓语动词。因句中已有谓语stayed,所以wait应为非谓语动词;he与wait是主动关系,用现在分词waiting作伴随状语。

  9. sadness考查词性转换。形容词性物主代词his后接名词。to one’s sadness“令人伤心/难过的是”。

  10. with考查介词。因be covered with(被……覆盖)是固定短语,故填with。


  1. merrily考查词类用法。修饰动词chatting and laughing,须用副词,故填merrily。

  2. a考查固定词组中的冠词。因all of a sudden(突然)是固定词组,相当于suddenly。

  3. was knocked考查时态语态。主语the old lady与动词knock之间存在被动关系,又因为事情发生在过去,应用一般过去时的被动语态,故填was knocked。

  4. bleeding考查非谓语动词。因所填词在本句中充当宾语补足语,而her与bleed(流血)是主动关系,故填现在分词bleeding。

  5. before考查状语从句连词。因it was not long before... (不久以后就……)是一个固定句式。

  6. treatment考查词类用法。介词for后接treat的名词形式,故填treatment。

  7. on考查介词。因operate on(给……动手术)是固定搭配,故填on。

  8. whether/if表示宾语从句连接词。表示不知道事情“是否”进展顺利,引导宾语从句,表示“是否”,用whether/if。

  9. herself考查代词。因come to oneself(苏醒过来,恢复知觉)是固定短语,故填herself。

  10. thanks考查名词复数。形容词物主代词her加形容词deep后,应接名词,而thank作名词,通常是用复数形式的,故填thanks。


  1. which考查非限制性定语从句。先行词是Guangzhou city,所填词在从句中充当主语,故填which。

  2. sleeping考查非谓语动词。因have difficulty in doing sth.(做某事有困难)是固定句式,介词in常省略,故填动名词sleeping。

  3. eighteenth考查数词。十八岁生日,其实就是“第十八个”生日,故将基数词改为序数词。

  4. with考查介词。表示“和……一起”,应填with。

  5. Suddenly 考查词类用法。放在句首,修饰全句,用副词,故填suddenly。

  6. had prepared考查时态。由one day earlier(早在一天前)可知是“过去的过去”,用过去完成时态,故填had prepared。

  7. the考查冠词。前文出现过a cake,此处是指切“这个”蛋糕,故填the。

  8. moved考查非谓语动词。逻辑主语I和动词move之间存在被动的关系,故填moved。

  9. hands考查名词复数。“我”拉着同学们的手,hand须用复数形式,故填hands。

  10. their考查物主代詞。在名词consideration前作定语,表示“他们的”,用形容词性物主代词their。

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